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Incredibly Nutritious Wholefoods For Optimized Metabolism!

The Lost Book of Remedies – 3 POWERFUL remedies you’ll find in this book!

Today I’ll show you the common plants growing in your own backyard: … that will replace your antibiotic pills: the common weeds that can numb your pain just like morphine: the “tourniquet” plants that can stop your bleeding in minutes: You’ll also discover the plants that work better than modern drugs to reverse joint damage from Arthritis: and to safely lower your cholesterol:…
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Nine Diseases and the Herbs to Heal Them

Hi Friend, There are three stages people go through when they wake up to the power food that will transform their lives. Most people stop at stage two—including me. The first stage of the health revolution recognizes food as the most powerful way to improve your health. Here, people start eating healthier, buying organic, and…
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10 Foods That Naturally Detox Heavy Metals in Your Body

  REBECCA JACOBS We are exposed to heavy metals every single day. Here are the top 10 foods that can help our bodies naturally detoxify from metal exposure. Heavy metals are in everything from the water we drink to the personal care products we slather on our skin, and even some of the foods we…
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Please view our new video “START YOUR DAY THE PŪRATAE WAY” below Puratae Product Video from 10XSuperBlend on Vimeo.   We appreciate your tremendous efforts in helping us share the “pūratae way” – as we help inspire others to live a more pure, balanced life, while feeding impoverished children throughout the world. Your support is…
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A Wonderful Pūratae Global Update

To our Wonderful Pūratae Global Brand Partners! Saturday 20th April 2019. We are so excited to announce the changes to our Pure Superfood! This product just keeps getting better and better and we are excited to be able to offer what we feel is even a superior product for you and your loved ones! Will…
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Green Goodies ( a yummy recipe with NO SUGAR!)

Green Goodies These little GREEN GOODIES were created by the amazing Danielle Johnson. With no added sugar they are an amazing power snack that are gluten free, vegan and keto friendly.  Tell me your mouth isn’t watering?! They look so so good! This recipe is quick and easy.  Make on the weekend for a quick go-to…
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Is juicing good for you? The jury is out! Green juices have been popular for a long time now. Green juice detox recipes have flooded the internet. More and more juice bars are popping up. You can even find cold-pressed green juice at your local grocery stores and online. Reading about the benefits of this…
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